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  • The Whole Life Challenge THE WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE

    With The Whole Life Challenge just around the corner, today I reflected back on the trigger that lead me to a healthier and happy lifestyle.  Two years ago my partner and I embarked on The Whole Life Challenge.  At the time I was terribly unfit, highly inactive and ate cheese and white starchy carbs like they were water.  My partner had done the challenge earlier in the year, and he had been encouraging me for a while to get more active and understand more about what I was putting into my body.  So (slightly reluctantly) I agreed to embark on the WLC together with him, more for the fun of challenging myself than anything else.  Having never really stuck to any exercise regime or “diet” before, I didn’t have high expectations to see much change, but hey, I’ve jumped out of a plane and survived, a little lettuce and fresh air won’t kill me?  What started off as a fun challenge, quickly became one of the biggest eye-openers I’ve ever had…

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  • NIA

    The Talbot Girls are always on the hunt for new, fun and invigorating ways to move our bodies and nourish our minds.  Our weekly repertoire consists of morning yoga, a long walk most days, sporadic attempts at running (a work in progress…), some light weight work and in between it all…dancing.  We dance in front of the mirror, we break out in dance whilst we walk along the beach, and we can’t forget our daily outbursts when a really good song comes on whilst we’re working at our desks and our small shimmies turn into an all-out dance off (winner TBC).  So when a little birdie told us about Nia, our ears pricked up…

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    The Talbot team are not new to the practice of yoga. Having practiced together for many years (lets face it we do everything together) we have come to love and cherish our time on the mat for many delicious reasons. A few days ago we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of mind and body studio Happy Melon. Offering yoga, pilates, meditation and group fitness we have signed up to a week of TLC, hot tea and what we found to be the best way to start the day. Having practiced yoga with Marsha in the past we were beyond excited to learn that she teaches at the studio. Through play, laughter and letting go, our morning yoga at Happy Melon has left us wanting more.  A little shout out of gratitude for creating a space that focuses on:

    Get the mind right, the body will follow.

    Check out our friends at Happy Melon online

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