A sit-down with the Talbot girls..

1) Three words that best describe you

Kim: Vivacious, loyal and wild
Amira: Passionate, opinionated, daydreamer

2) Last song played on your iPod

Kim: Jarryd James – Do you remember
Amira: Bob Dylan – Make you feel my love

3) Margarita or Martini

Kim: Margarita always!
Amira: Martini (straight up with olives)

4) Finish this sentence. Active living is…

Kim: Looking within, asking what ignites your soul and living it.
Amira: Conscious living

5) Aidan or Big – sex and the city

Kim: big – sucker for a bad boy!
Amira: Who’s she kidding? Aidan.

6) Whats on your bedside table

Kim: Incense, candles, lamp, laptop and book by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Amira: Kindle, lamp, candle, lip balm, burnt sage and my silver box of randomness.

7) Whats your least favourite food

Kim: Chinese and croissants. Cant decipher what i despise more.
Amira: Papaya

8) Whats your spirit animal

Kim: Hawk
Amira: Haha hawk!

9) A historical figure you would like to have coffee with

Kim: Rumi
Amira: Kurt Cobain

10) Best way to relax

Kim: Dance.  When in doubt dance.
Amira: Shoes off, Sonos on, with a glass of Rose

11) Why Talbot Avenue

Kim: I found a life long friend who understands me on a personal and creative level. After living together, working together and sharing life’s adventures, Talbot was a natural progression of a lot of hard work and shared passion. Quite simply, why not!? Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
Amira: That’s a hard act to follow…what she said.

12) What does healthy living mean to you?

Kim: For me its less about balance. I think balance is what we strive for and can be very hard to obtain. I rather focus on awareness. Being mindful in how I think, what I eat, how I live. I work hard and play hard, the balance is less important that the mindset in which I make my choices. The mindset is the soul behind my ‘healthy’ lifestyle.
Amira: Healthy living to me is way more than just the physical, but the mental as well.  When I started to make a conscious effort to be healthier physically, my mind and nervous system benefited from it even more than my body.  This to me is healthy living.

13) How do you start your day?

Kim: We walk as the sun rises…and coffee. always coffee.
Amira: Sunrise morning walk, sets our day in motion.

14) Favourite yoga position and why?

Kim: I can’t pick one posture. It changes whenever my feet gravitate towards the mat. My mind may have an intention for the practice and my body will take me somewhere completely unknown. The beauty is in surrendering the control.
Amira: Shavasana, I love to lose myself within myself at the end of a class.

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