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Shipping items you purchase from the David’s Bridal store to Australia used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the David’s Bridal store.

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Does David’s Bridal Deliver to Australia


For brides-to-be in Australia, finding the perfect wedding dress is a top priority. With many searching for the perfect gown, David’s Bridal, a well-known retailer in the United States, has piqued the interest of many. However, with their primary presence in the US, many wonder if David’s Bridal delivers to Australia. In this article, we explore the options available for Australian brides looking to purchase a gown from David’s Bridal.

Delivery Options

When it comes to delivering dresses to Australia, David’s Bridal does have the capability to ship to international destinations, including Australia. The retailer offers international shipping through a service called Borderfree, which allows customers from around the world to shop on their website and have their items delivered to their desired destination.

Cost of Shipping

While David’s Bridal does ship internationally, it is important to note that shipping costs to Australia can be quite expensive. The cost of shipping is calculated at checkout based on the weight of the package and the shipping destination. Additionally, customers may be responsible for paying duties, taxes, and customs fees upon delivery. It is advisable to carefully review the shipping costs and any additional charges before completing a purchase.

Delivery Times

In terms of delivery times, customers in Australia can expect to receive their orders within 6-10 business days from the date of shipment. It is important to consider this timeframe when planning for a wedding or any events related to the dress purchase.

Returns and Exchanges

Another important consideration for Australian customers is the return and exchange policy. While David’s Bridal does accept returns and exchanges for international orders, the process may be more complex and costly due to shipping and customs fees. It is essential to carefully review the return and exchange policy and consider the potential challenges before making a purchase.


For Australian brides who may have concerns about the cost and complexity of ordering from David’s Bridal, there are alternative options to consider. Many local bridal boutiques and online retailers in Australia offer a wide selection of wedding dresses, including options for various budgets and styles. By exploring these alternatives, brides can find the perfect gown without the added stress of international shipping and customs fees.


In conclusion, David’s Bridal does offer delivery to Australia through their international shipping services. However, it is important for potential customers to carefully consider the cost, delivery times, and return and exchange policies before making a purchase. While the allure of a David’s Bridal gown may be strong, it is worth exploring alternative options in Australia to ensure a seamless and cost-effective dress shopping experience. With thorough research and consideration, Australian brides can find the perfect wedding dress for their special day.

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