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Shipping items you purchase from the World Market store to Australia used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the World Market store.

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World Market is a popular retailer that offers a wide range of unique and affordable home goods, furniture, and decor items. Many Australians have been drawn to the brand’s international aesthetic and diverse product offerings. However, one common question that arises among Australian consumers is whether World Market delivers to Australia. In this article, we’ll explore the delivery options available for Australian customers who are interested in purchasing from World Market.

Shipping to Australia

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, World Market does not offer direct shipping to Australia. This means that if you are located in Australia and wish to purchase items from World Market, you may encounter some challenges when it comes to shipping.

Alternative Shipping Methods

While World Market does not have a direct shipping option for Australia, there are alternative methods that Australian consumers can explore in order to receive items from the retailer. One possible solution is to utilize international package forwarding services. These companies provide customers with a shipping address in the United States, where World Market can deliver the purchased items. The forwarding service will then forward the package from the US address to the customer’s address in Australia.

Another option is to utilize a third-party shipping and logistics company that specializes in international shipping. These companies can help facilitate the transport of goods from the United States to Australia, allowing customers to receive their World Market purchases.

Considerations for Australian Customers

Before deciding to use alternative shipping methods, it’s important for Australian customers to consider a few factors. Firstly, they should be aware of the additional costs associated with international shipping, such as forwarding fees, customs duties, and taxes. These additional expenses can significantly impact the overall cost of purchasing items from World Market.

Customers should also take into account the potential longer delivery times that may result from using alternative shipping methods. It’s not uncommon for international packages to take longer to reach their final destination, so individuals should be prepared for potential delays in receiving their World Market items.

Exploring Other Options

For Australian consumers who are unable or unwilling to use alternative shipping methods, there are still other options to consider. One possibility is to look for similar products from retailers that do offer direct shipping to Australia. Many home goods and furniture stores in Australia offer products that are comparable to those available at World Market. By exploring local options, customers can still achieve the same international aesthetic and unique style that they are seeking.

Another option is to keep an eye out for retailers that may expand their shipping options in the future. World Market and other international brands are constantly evaluating their market reach and may decide to offer direct shipping to Australia in the future. By staying informed about potential changes in shipping policies, Australian consumers can remain optimistic about the possibility of purchasing from World Market.


While World Market does not currently deliver to Australia, there are alternative shipping methods that Australian consumers can explore in order to receive their desired items. Through the use of international package forwarding services or third-party shipping companies, individuals in Australia can still access the diverse and unique products offered by World Market. However, it’s important for customers to consider the additional costs and potential delivery delays associated with using these alternative methods. For those who prefer not to utilize these options, there are still local and potential future opportunities to explore when it comes to acquiring products with a similar international aesthetic.

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