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Shipping items you purchase from the Zappos store to Australia used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Zappos store.

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Does Zappos Deliver to Australia?

For many Australians, online shopping has become an integral part of their consumer experience. However, not all ecommerce companies deliver their products to Australia, which can be frustrating for those wanting to access the same range of goods as their international counterparts. Zappos is a well-known fashion and footwear retailer based in the United States, but does it deliver to Australia? Let’s find out.

Zappos: An Overview

Zappos is an online retailer that specializes in clothing, footwear, and accessories. Known for its extensive range of products and exceptional customer service, the company has gained a loyal customer base in the United States. However, its popularity has also spread to other parts of the world, including Australia. Many Australians are curious to know whether Zappos delivers to their country, and the answer is yes.

Shipping to Australia

While Zappos does deliver to Australia, it’s essential to understand the shipping process and associated costs. The company offers international shipping to over 100 countries, including Australia. Customers can select Australia as their shipping destination during the checkout process. However, it’s important to note that international shipping rates and delivery times may vary based on the destination and the selected shipping method. Additionally, customers should be aware of any potential import duties and taxes that may apply to their orders when shipping to Australia.

Delivery Times and Options

When shipping to Australia, Zappos offers a range of delivery options to suit different customer needs. These options may include standard shipping, express shipping, and expedited shipping. The delivery times for each option may vary, with express and expedited shipping generally offering faster delivery at a higher cost. Customers in Australia can select their preferred shipping method based on their urgency and budget, ensuring a personalized shopping experience.

Return and Exchange Policy

One of the key considerations for Australian customers when shopping from international retailers is the return and exchange policy. Zappos has a generous return policy, allowing customers to return or exchange items within a designated timeframe. While the process for returning items from Australia may differ slightly from domestic returns, the company aims to make the experience as seamless as possible for its international customers. This commitment to customer satisfaction has earned Zappos a positive reputation among Australian shoppers.

Customer Experience

In addition to its extensive range of products and shipping options, Zappos is renowned for its exceptional customer service. This commitment to delivering a superior customer experience extends to its international customers, including those in Australia. The company strives to provide personalized support and assistance to ensure a smooth shopping experience for all customers, regardless of their location. From answering inquiries about shipping to providing ongoing support post-purchase, Zappos aims to exceed customer expectations.


For those wondering whether Zappos delivers to Australia, the answer is a resounding yes. With a commitment to international shipping, a variety of delivery options, a generous return policy, and exceptional customer service, Zappos has created a seamless shopping experience for Australian customers. The ability to access the latest fashion and footwear trends from a reputable retailer like Zappos has enhanced the online shopping landscape for Australians, providing access to a diverse range of products previously unavailable in the local market. As Zappos continues to expand its global reach, Australian customers can look forward to future shopping experiences that meet their needs and expectations.

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