Bliss balls have become an integral part of the everyday go to snack for the Talbot team. After spending a plethora of money on our daily bliss ball and coffee combo we decided to dedicate the time and venture into making our own. Many recipes later we have decided that the below fusion of flavours is one of our favourites.

We had the pleasure of meeting with our friends at Super Nourish the creators of nutritional protein blends full of fibre, protein and Omega 3. They kindly gave us a blend to use packed full of super nutritional goodness. We went with the Prochia Pea Protein Isolate Raw Cacao flavour… vegan and made up of raw cacao, acai berry and chia seeds. Yum. The reason we chose this blend is the antioxidants found in acai berry and the magnesium and Omega3 found in both chia and cacao. Deliciously good for you, our kind of wicked 😉

Ingredients For Talbot Girls Go To Bliss Balls


  1. Combine all ingredients in magimix. This may take some time as the dates will take a while to break down and mix with the other ingredients. If you are planning to make a larger quantity just work slowly when mixing the dates in as they can be tough on the blade.
  2. Allow the mixture to completely combine. This will take some time. Allow for the mixture to completely combine and form a dough like consistency.
  3. Allow the mixture to firm up slightly in the fridge, then roll into balls.
  4. Roll the balls in dessecated cocounut to finish.
  5. Store in an airtight container in the fridge or serve warm (our favourite)

Head to Supernourish to purchase the delicious blend and let us know your thoughts on our fav bliss ball! x


Supernourish Bliss Balls Image Source found here

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