As adults we forget what it felt like to dream like a child, to create a vision for your future and believe so strongly that it will be a reality.  Whether you dreamt of being a power woman and had aspirations of conquering your career goals before the age of thirty, or you dreamt of falling in love, settling down and having a big family…we all have dreams.  As kids we would play make-believe, we would confess our desires to our friends, our family, even our dolls!  Enter adulthood, and somehow we lose sight of how impactful creating visions for the future can be.  So today, we explore the magic of manifesting…

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is purposefully creating a vision for your future, by taking your thoughts and dreams and verbalising them.  Whether this be by saying them out loud, writing them down, or creating a collage…there are many ways to manifest.  Not only is this quite a powerful method, the time you take out to focus on creating your dreams can be very therapeutic.  There are some amazing case studies out there by people who introduced manifesting into their lives and all their dreams came true… So – like us – why don’t you listen to your inner child, push away your adult scepticism and give the magic of manifesting a go?

Let’s explore some methods of manifesting…

1. Create a Manifest Board

This is our personal favourite, it’s super creative and it’s a really fun way to explore the art of manifesting.  If say you have a dream of living in New York, becoming a journalist and meeting the love of your life and having success…you may create a collage with images of New York city, articles from publications you desire to work in, some of your own work, sketches of images and symbols that you relate to love and words and quotes that inspire you to be successful.  Be creative, have fun, there is no right or wrong!  Then hang this manifest board somewhere you spend a lot of your time, next to your desk at work, your home office, in your bedroom, somewhere where you will look at it often.  Hold onto it to, because when all the things you dreamed and manifested come true, you’ll be amazed at where it all began.

2. Have daily affirmations

Whether you think it or say it out loud, it doesn’t matter…but try integrating affirmations into your day to day life. What’s important is that you must think/speak the affirmation as if it has already happened, e.g “I am living in New York City” as opposed to “I want to live in New York City”, or, “I see the good in people” instead of “I wish to see the good in people”.  Some people take some of their more emotive affirmations and incorporate them into their meditation and yoga practices.

3. Start a journal

Journaling works much the same as the above daily affirmations.  Start a journal and write down your visions for the future, your dreams, your wants and desires.  Remember to write them down as if they already exist!  Your future doesn’t have to be too forward-thinking as well, it can be as immediate as writing tomorrow’s date and saying “I had a beautiful day today.”

4. Write a letter 

This is a very common form of manifestation.  Write a letter, this letter can be to your future self, your future boss, your future life partner…anyone you may want to be or meet in your future.  Make sure your letter is positive, and is written with conviction and certainty.  For example, if you’re writing to your future boss in your dream company, don’t write about wanting to work in the company, write about how you will work in the company, talk about the future as if it is a certainty, not a possibility.  Put this letter away somewhere that is nearby you, but not somewhere you look at often, a place that could be forgotten but never lost.


For those of you out there who have tried manifesting before – we’d love to hear your stories!  And for those of you have thought about doing it but never given it a chance…what have you got to lose?

Image: Robert Jahns 




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